Enterprise Europe Network - Syria

Syria has joined recently the Enterprise Europe Network who offers a “one-stop shop” to meet all the information needs of SMEs and entrepreneurs in Europe and partner countries.

The network services are specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but are also available to all businesses, research centres and Universities across Europe and partner countries. It offers support and advice to businesses across Europe and helps them make the most of the opportunities in the European Union.

The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of close to 600 partner organisations in more than 40 countries, promoting competitiveness and innovation at the local level in Europe and beyond. Whether you need information on EU legislation, help finding a business partner, want to benefit from innovation networks in your region or need information on funding opportunities, this is the place to start.

Launched in 2008 by the European Commission, the Enterprise Europe Network combines and builds on the former Innovation Relay Centres and Euro Info Centres (established in 1995 and 1987 respectively). The new integrated Network offers a “one-stop shop” to meet all the information needs of SMEs and entrepreneurs in Europe and partner countries.

Some of the services on offer:

  • Providing information and practical advice on market opportunities, European legislation and policies relevant to a company or sector. Helping SMEs to find suitable business partners using its business and technology cooperation database, providing information on tender opportunities and international networking.
  • Developing the research and innovation capacities of SMEs by helping to create synergies with other research actors, foster technological cooperation and holding brokerage events.
  • Helping SMEs to share research results, participate in research programs and apply for funding, particularly from the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7).
  • Involving SMEs and business actors in the policy-making process, by transmitting feedback to the Commission and monitoring the implementation of EU policies in the field of competitiveness and innovation.

Enterprise Europe Network Syria  was launched on the 2nd of December 2008, after signing an agreement between the European Commission and SEBC, to be the first  non-EU Mediterranean country benefiting from the long term relation SEBC has with the European commission and from its unique structure as the main national body to support enterprises and business in Syria.

The Syrian European Business Centre (the former institution) was hosting a correspondence centre for the former network of the Euro Info Centre since 1998; EICC Syria offered its business services for more than 10 years. And was granted a permission to establish 5 relays in the main Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Syria (Aleppo Chamber of Commerce, Aleppo Chamber of Industry, Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Damascus Chamber of Industry and Homs Chamber of Commerce and Industry), to be the only Euro Info Centre outside the EU, which manages a national network of relays. Furthermore, in March 2006, EICC Syria organised the First Euro-Mediterranean EIC Meeting, which was the first annual conference for the EIC network held outside the EU.

Enterprise Europe Network Syria, in addition to the services the main network offers, aims to:

  • Enhance business cooperation between Syrian SMEs and their counterparts in the Euro-Mediterranean countries
  • Enhance Syrian private sector competitiveness in local and international markets
  • Assist Syrian private sector enterprises to access international markets especially the EU market
  • Strengthen the Syrian business community by increasing the number of enterprises with high growth potential and capability for development in addition to providing them with the support they require
  • Promote positive development of the Syrian organizational and financial framework in order to support the development of private sector enterprises