Preparations in full swing to graduate SKILLS 1st Group in Raqqa

In order to follow up the preparations for the graduation of the first group of SKILLS in Raqqa, a delegation of the Superior Knowledge by Intensive Labor Learning Schemes – SKILLS mini business school of the Syrian Enterprise and Business Centre (SEBC) met  Raqqa Governor, Dr. Adnan to discuss Student projects and related action plans.

Meanwhile,  a board member of Aleppo Chamber of Commerce Mr. Nader Haddad met the students to discuss together the "the Syrian economy between past and present”, define power and weakness points and the most important topics of the  Syrian labor market needs.

SKILLS meets two objectives, facilitates job creation and thereby reduces unemployment and Provides institutions and businesses with skilled employees to enhance their own performance and that of the national economy.
SKILLS - Superior Knowledge by Intensive Labour Schemes is an initiative launched by the Syrian SEBC in cooperation with the European Training Foundation (ETF) and is an addition rather than an alternative to traditional higher education.
SKILLS aims to provide the business community with professionals who possess extensive business knowledge as well as practical skills through providing the youth with specific knowledge and diversified practical skills to help them perform their jobs efficiently and professionally. SKILLS can thereby contribute to the government's plans to reduce unemployment through the creation of job opportunities.

A sustainable activity, SKILLS Graduates Club “SGC” is in place. SGC is a club to keep gathering and transferring the update know-how to the graduates of SKILLS through different activities locally and to take advantage of the opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experiences with similar international institutions.