SKILLS - Aleppo celebrates its third graduated group of students
Press Release  

Under the patronage of Dr. Mhd. Nedal Al Chaar, Minister of Economy and Trade, the Superior Knowledge by Intensive Labor Learning Schemes – SKILLS mini business school of the Syrian Enterprise and Business Centre (SEBC) was held for the third year a graduation ceremony for its graduated group of SKILLS students  at Dedaman Hotel in Aleppo on 12-1-2012.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Hassan Zedo Aleppo Chamber of Commerce president, Rami Martini, head of the Federation of Chambers of Tourism, Labiba Iskandarani UNRWA north area manager in addition to many of businessmen, managers from governmental and private  sectors in Syria.

This year, /21/ students  were  be graduated From SKILLS, from“Discover Talents” programme. Also, /63/ Palestinians trainees living in Neirab camp have been granted certificates for their distinguished particpations in various training courses within the signed agrrement between SEBC and  UNRWA.
 SKILLS aims to provide the business community with professionals who possess extensive business knowledge as well as practical skills through providing the youth with specific knowledge and diversified practical skills to help them perform their jobs efficiently and professionally. SKILLS can thereby contribute to the government's plans to reduce unemployment through the creation of job opportunities.

SKILLS meets two objectives, facilitates job creation and thereby reduces unemployment and Provides institutions and businesses with skilled employees to enhance their own performance and that of the national economy.
SKILLS - Superior Knowledge by Intensive Labour Schemes is an initiative launched by the Syrian SEBC / SME Support Programme in cooperation with the European Training Foundation (ETF) and is an addition rather than an alternative to traditional higher education.


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