Health laboratories start by implementing ISO17025
Press Release 

Food pollution is one of the most important kinds of pollution whose effects on health we seek to limit. Its danger does not affect the country of origin only, but other countries also, as a result of commercial exchange. We hear a lot about refusal of some food exports from some countries for containing germs and pesticides.

Hence the interest the government is taking in supporting analytic laboratories to detect the pollutants in what we consume, to guarantee the Syrian consumer’s protection.
In this regard, the national quality infrastructure support program is holding a series of activities to support  governmental institutions to enable them to implement the latest systems of quality in their administration, such as controlling and asserting quality in order to get the most accurate results from their own testing and standardization laboratories. The program is organizing a training course for the laboratories of the Ministry of Health from 23-26/1/2012, in the premises of General Health Laboratories. Training will be carried out by members of the founding unite of the Syrian accreditation body.

Training will present an exhaustive program about Standard ISO17025 and how to implement it in laboratories by preparing the laboratory’s policy, establishing an attested system, preparing samples special to the system and administering the records and accuracy cards. It will also explain some statistic concepts and how to deal with the results and related doubts. The program will also deal with qualifying workers in the laboratories together with internal verification with the aim of developing and improving the continuous laboratory work within these laboratories.

This course includes some introductory lectures and training courses the program carried out with a number of institutions and government bodies like the energetic technical organization in Damascus and the syndicate of engineers in Aleppo and the laboratories of the ports of Tartous and Lattakia.   

It should be mentioned that the international standard ISO 17025:2005 specifies the technical and administrative requirements internationally accepted of the capacity of testing and standardization laboratories seeking accreditation. Methods of testing and standardization used in these laboratories, both standard and developed, are accredited. To sustain that recognition, the laboratories are reevaluated periodically by the accreditation body to assure of continuous abidance to the requirements of accreditation, and verifying the continuous safeguarding of the standards of their operation.