SEBC & Mobaderoon Support Entrepreneurship the Active Citizenship 12-5-2012

To increase the awareness of the entrepreneurship importance and facilitate efforts that aim to activate initiatives, strategies and social developmental programs, the Syrian Enterprise and Business Center  SEBC in cooperation with Aleppo Chamber of Commerce and Mobaderoon initiative held a seminar titled “Plato”; discussing the financial and social education for children at the headquarters of Aleppo Chamber of Commerce.

This one day seminar Links between the idea of entrepreneurship and the principle of active citizenship by educating the children the concepts of social responsibility and public morality. “SEBC supports this initiative as part of the role played by the Centre in assisting the Syrian economy by supporting and strengthening the capacity and competitiveness of the entrepreneurs, innovators and qualified staff”, Muhamad Shabarek, SEBC Project Officer said.

Plato prograame consists of a balanced approach of financial education and social development of children (CSFE), which makes it a unique concept of its kind, Abir Haj Ibrahim , a founder member of Mobaderoon said. She explained that the programme was developed over 17 years in India until it was transferred to the pilot countries for 10 years to find out whether it could have a positive impact to enable the children.

Mobaderoon network play a main role in peace building through building trust and better understanding to support and empower the sustainable development, approaching leaders in the communities and empowering them towards social positive change, Mobadeoon use a unique tools to achieve its vision with its trainers and consultants
The training team managed to train 700 leaders in the community who formed a powered network and get started with their own initiatives.

Plato programme is implemented with the kids from 6-14, it can be applied to formal and informal education system.


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