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In continuation to the approach adopted by SKILLS Programme in supporting the capacity of young and qualified human resources to meet the developing needs of the local labor market in various business segments. SKILLS/Syrian Enterprise and Business Centre (SEBC), the technical arm of the Syrian government represented by the Ministry of Economy and Trade, and in cooperation with IFA programme launched "SKILLS for Finance - JIA" on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Launching “SKILLS for Finance – JIA” aims at providing talented staff, eligible to work in various financial, banking and insurance institutions, through granting professional training certificates that are internationally recognized and addressed to the financial sector workers in Syria.
The initiative aims at strengthening the capacity of these cadres and providing them with the latest skills, knowledge and professional standards relating to the financial sector and trade on a international level, through preparation courses and professional teaching workshops provided by the Institute of Financial Analysis IFA, as well as the dissemination of best ethical practices among professionals in the financial sector, preparing them to obtain International Certificate JIA - Junior Investment Analyst.

SKILLS held two introductory sessions for students of Yarmouk Private University and the International Private University for Science and Technology at the headquarters of the two universities, in order to explain the most prominent skills and knowledge provided by international certificate JIA - Junior Investment Analyst, which facilitates the access to other international certificates and increase the chances of getting jobs in various local and international financial institutions.

"SKILLS for Finance – JIA" is a new evidence of SKILLS success through launching and implementing specialized training programmes targeting the most developing sectors in Syria in the process of economic development and reform and to provide qualified human resources that meet the requirements and needs of each of the targeted sectors. SKILLS has previously launched SKILLS for Journalism in October 2010.

SKILLS is the first training school that specialises in Business Administration, established by the Syrian Enterprise and Business Centre (SEBC) and SMEs Support Programme (SSP), in cooperation with the European Training Foundation (ETF), in order to eliminate the gap between the requirements of the labor market on the one hand; and skills of human resources working on the other hand, and by providing professional business skills and superior knowledge in line with government plans aimed at achieving economic growth, increase investment and increase employment opportunities for young people.


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