Syrian Premiere addressed People Assembly his Government`s Priorities/Dp-news - Sana 29-7-2012

Presenting the Syrian Cabinet statement at the People's Assembly session convened Sunday, Premier Riyad Hijab called for providing all necessary services and food needs in all provinces.

Syria`s Prime Minister Hijab stressed that rehabilitating infrastructures and public institutions and achieving national reconciliation are among the new government's priorities in the next stage.

Premiere Hijab also drew up the government's financial policy in a way to guarantee administrative reform and combating corruption as well as the role of tax policy in achieving tax justice, stressing need for combating unemployment and creating 25000 job opportunities within the Youth Employment Program before the end of 2012.

Hijab considered that the military and security challenge to face terrorism inside and abroad requires reformulating the government's priorities as this challenge affects all aspects of life and the future of the country.

Hijab also stressed that preserving the security of the homeland and the citizen is a holy duty and the government's top priorities, reiterating the government's full support and appreciation to the Syrian armed forces being the only guarantor of the country's unity and territorial safety against the hostile schemes that aimed undermining the homeland.

On Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Dr. Qadri Jamil and Governor of Damascus D. Bashr al-Sabban toured Damascus markets and were briefed by consumers and merchants on situation in the markets.

Minister Jamil stressed that the Ministry is coordinating with the concerned bodies to provide the needed goods to the markets.

He also stressed that there is no problem in providing the needed goods, but rather in organizing the circulation process, adding that the problem will be solved before Sunday.

For his part, al-Sabban highlighted that the majority of the goods needed in Damascus are brought from Damascus Countryside and other provinces, adding that all services will be provided as usual starting from tomorrow.